That's longer will you have to hire two separate companies for your event. Not only do we offer a photo booth package, but it is a state of the art proprietary system using in house software created by our own engineers. AND, it's the only photo booth on the market that HOLDS UP TO 10 PEOPLE! You'll have your own Extreme Effects Photo Professional there running the booth for you, along with hundreds of fun props for pictures. The pictures are fully customizable with your theme, event, names, etc. Full color on the spot printing, plus options for USB drives, scrapbooks, picture holders, and digital access. 

Want to hear the best part? Well it wouldn't be EXTREME if we charged outrageous prices like everyone else. So while you're out looking at other photo booths to rent for your next event, and finding the prices in the $700's, $800's, $900's, even $1,000 and more, come to us and book your photo booth with your DJ, and get it for only $500!!!

Now unlike all the other guys out there who nickel and dime customers on every single thing, we pride ourselves on having the biggest, the baddest DJ set up this side of the Mississippi! And when you book us, you get our full 18,000 Watt JBL Pro Sound System, our 45 lights and effects including FREE uplighting, and our over 300,000+ and growing song library. To most folks, that's more than enough. But for those still wanting a little bit more, here's a few extra's we have to take the EXTREME-NESS....up one more level. Or two or three.


We've got our very own Extreme Effects Dancers to step on up, and step on in to get your crowd up and moving, and keep them motivated all night long. Our dancers are sociable, professional, and skilled in all variations of current dances, lines dances, two steps, hip hop, you name it, they got it. 

PS: While we like to do everything "To The Extreme"....our Dancers are just dancers. Sorry fellas. Fully clothed, no hanky panky, just dancing with your guests to keep the party moving and teach everyone all the new hot dances. Age appropriate from grade schooler's to Grandmom's and Grandpop's 50th Anniversary. Only $150 for 2 dancers.





So we did mention we are EXTREME Effects right? Well we wouldn't be very Extreme without some flamethrowers. Shoots constant flame or fireballs up to 15 feet in the air. Suitable for indoor use. Can even shoot fire in 4 different colors. 

Flamethrowers....nuff said. Only $100 for 2.